It's Been a Long Week So Here Are Some Cats in Wigs (You’re Welcome)

It's Been a Long Week So Here Are Some Cats in Wigs (You’re Welcome)

Is there ever a bad time to look at cats in hilarious getups?

By Heather Dale

Cats are such precarious, albeit cute little creatures. One minute they are curled on our laps, purring and patting our arms, and next minute they are playing hide and seek or leaping airborne across the kitchen table. Their sometimes-ambivalent behavior keeps us second guessing our love affair with them, but more times than not, we can’t get enough of them … especially when they are down for a little dress-up fun.

What’s even more fun is when the wigs come out. 'Cause you know, cats in wigs are kind of everything. Need that frown turned upside down? A slow day at the office? Read on, my friends, come on join the wig joyride. Oh, and if this gives you the itch for a furball of your own, it’s kitty season at shelters right now, so get in there and adopt! 

Betty the Ginger

Betty plays the damsel in distress part well. And she’s got the good hair to go with it. Romeo, Romeo!

Eva Marrie Elizabeth

Oh Eva you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind! That ripped jean vest paired with the ginger locks is purrrrfection! 

They call me Deb @peach_the_bulldog 😂. Twinkiessss!!

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“So they say violet hair is all the rage these days. But more importantly, does it go with my beautiful baby blues? I’m torn.”


Bibi not only slept like this, but she woke up like this too. Guaranteed.


“If I had a Real Housewives tag line, it would most definitely be: Who needs hair when you can rock an ombré faux-hawk like me?”


The way you look in the mirror at yourself when your hairstylist says, voilà! C’est fini!


“It’s my pawww-ty and I’ll dress up as a Cabbage Patch doll if I want to.”


“Did somebody say Pride Week?!”


“I like it long and my five-day-old blowout is still going strong so don’t judge, mmmkay?!”


When your wig hair accentuates your facial bone structure more than your real hair. #firstworldcatproblems


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