We Try Pinterest’s Best Pet Fur Removal Hacks So You Don’t Have To

We Try Pinterest’s Best Pet Fur Removal Hacks So You Don’t Have To

You need to see the before-and-after photos to judge for yourself.

By Stacy Lenz

We love dogs at Unleashed — it’s pretty obvious. No, not by the fact we spend hours a day looking at dog videos in the name of reporting, but by the amount of white dog fur we have clumped to the back of our black jeans. It weaves into the knit of our favorite sweaters, rolls across our kitchen floor like tumbleweeds and coats our car interiors to the point that carpooling is outta the question. Lucky for us though, for every one of life’s domestic annoyances, there is an equal and opposite life hack to fix it. (Otherwise known as The Third Law of Pinterest. The first and second laws being “A mason jar covered in burlap stays covered in burlap” and “There’s a 90% chance you’ll experience a Pinterest Fail,” respectively.) 

Since dog hair has been my domestic foil since the arrival of my pupper Jinx, I have taken to Pinterest to get this situation under control once and for all. There is a chair in my house that is absolutely covered in dog fur. It was once my grandmother’s “nice furniture” meaning that no one was ever allowed to sit on it except for holidays and after moving it into my place it has essentially become a dog throne. Placed close to the window for aesthetic purposes, Jinx has pushed and wiggled it closer to the windowsill so he can perch upon it, survey the neighborhood and just generally laze about, apparently dropping huge furballs every couple of minutes or so.

Prepare yourself to chant “SHAME” at me in regard to my housekeeping when you see the close up. 

Ok, hopefully you are done your chanting/maybe gagging and we can get down to Pinterest, where I found a variety of fur removal strategies. They’ve run the gamut from “duh” (use packing tape as a makeshift lint roller) to “ew” (wet your hand and let pet hair stick to it). I’ve picked the best ones and have set out to try them on my dog fur chair of shame. (I am so sorry, Grandma.


Directions: Use a squeegee to remove dog fur from furniture. Nothing else required.

Result: This worked great as long as I was dragging it along a straight surface. It may have embedded some fur deeper into the fabric weave and left a lot of fur behind, but, hey, this chair is gross and it’s a start.

Rating: 6/10

Dryer Sheet

Directions: Use a dryer sheet to remove dog fur from furniture. Nothing else required.

Result: I have no idea what this was supposed to do, but I am sure that this has not done it. I think I could have gotten the same results dragging anything on the upholstery. Points deducted for looking like an old used tissue, which probably would have worked just as well.

Rating: 2/10

Grippy Rubber Gloves
Directions: Wet a rubber glove and drag your hand along the fur-covered area.

Result: This was less gross than wetting your hand and trying it au natural and was pretty successful, I was able to get some fur from the crevasses of the chair. (Really, don’t judge me based on this chair, guys, the rest of my house is clean. I swear.)

Rating: 7/10

Scrub Sponge
Directions: Wet a scrub sponge and drag it along the fur-covered area.

Result: This worked pretty well! It seemed to be able to get a lot of fur off the chair and even cleaned off some of the related dog grime to boot.

Rating: 8/10

The chair is looking better! While I’d definitely use some of these methods again, it would not be one single method alone. Next go around, I would definitely use the squeegee to scrape off the surface fur, followed by the scrub sponge to get out the more embedded fur and then the wet glove for any missed details. Hopefully that won’t need to happen though because I’m committing to Pinterest’s best fur removal suggestion — a chair cover.

Chair Cover
Directions: Cover that chair!

Result: The little shed monster’s fur clumps are prevented from weaving their way into the furniture AND you can wash it when it gets too gross.

Rating: 10/10. Would recommend.

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