Here's Why You Should Consider Adopting More Than One Dog

Here's Why You Should Consider Adopting More Than One Dog

Double the love.

By Brienne Walsh

We get it. Owning a dog is a lot of work. Rewarding work, but work nonetheless. You can never sleep in. You can never stay inside on a cold day. You can never go on a sporadic trip to visit a friend across the country. A dog needs to be walked, fed, and given lots of attention.

So why would you get a second dog when one dog is already more than you can handle? Because owning more than one dog might actually make your life easier.

Everyone knows that dogs are social creatures. Even the ones that bark at everyone else just want to spend every waking moment right by your side. The thing is, getting a second dog eases some of the pressure off you, and gives your dog exactly what he or she is most craving — a 24/7 companion.

Of course, there are things you should consider before adopting a second dog. Many experts recommend adopting a pup of the opposite sex, and carefully introducing new family members to prevent conflict.

Below are the top five reasons why you should adopt more than one dog.

1. They’ll be forever friends.

Just like humans, dogs suffer when they are lonely. They get bored. They destroy things. They get separation anxiety. They drink too much water, and then pee on your bed.

What’s the best way to prevent your dog from getting lonely? The answer is not quitting your job and staying with your pet every waking hour of the day. No, the answer is — another dog! There is no better balm for loneliness than getting your dog a playmate that looks and thinks exactly like him.

Because you don’t want to unwittingly bring a bad match into your home, consider fostering a pup, or borrowing a friend’s dog, before settling on a forever friend. 

2. The more dogs socialize, the better they behave.

In their primal heart of hearts, dogs are pack animals. Therefore, a pup who might have behavioral problems on his own — for example, leash aggression — might actually act calmer if another member of his species is walking next to him. 

You know taking your dog to the dog park is great for him both mentally and physically. The same thing applies to living with another dog. It will teach both pets to approach not only each other, but also the rest of the world, with less anxiety and more confidence.

3. Two dogs will make you live longer.

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Ok, that’s not necessarily scientifically proven, but it’s true that owning a dog eases stress, reduces your blood pressure, and can even help with depression. Double the dog? Double the love from them, which can only benefit you in the long term.

4. You’ll get more exercise.

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Yes, we know sometimes you take your phone and your dog on a walk. You take your pup out while multitasking until they pee, and then you head back into the warmth of your couch. Now try phoning it in with two very eager dogs who are not programmed to pee at exactly the same time? Less easy! But better for you in the long run because you’ll walk more, you’ll spend more time in your neighborhood, and your couch will be even more appealing when you get home because you worked for the right to do nothing there.

5. Multiple dogs are great for a family.

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The benefits of introducing your children to dogs are manifold. It helps prevent allergies. Taking care of a dog teaches children about responsibility — and of course, love. No one, not even you, will ever be as protective of your children as your pets are. In a family with multiple children, having multiple dogs allows each child to bond individually with a specific dog. And that only increases the sense of responsibility they feel for the pup that loves them the best.


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