Yes, Reiki for Cats Is a Thing and We Learned All About It From a Cat Expert and Practitioner

Yes, Reiki for Cats Is a Thing and We Learned All About It From a Cat Expert and Practitioner

Jax Taylor isn't the only one into this natural remedy — pet owners are also using reiki to help their feline friends.

By Marni Eth

You don’t need to be a crazy cat lady to want to do right for your feline friends! That often includes going the extra mile to discover natural remedies for what might be troubling them — and "Cat Reiki" is becoming increasingly popular as a solution for emotionally imbalanced kitties.

Misa Ono is a cat expert who specializes in Reiki for cats. She started her company, Balanced Cats, ten years ago for people who want the best for their feline companions. According to Ono, her goal is to improve cat well-being, so that “cats and their owners will share happy lives together for a long time.”

To qualify as an expert, Ono completed Level III with Master certification, an Animal Reiki Internship, and Animal Reiki Teacher Training. (She is also a certified Master for humans.) In addition to Reiki Healing services for physical, mental, emotional or spiritual issues, Ono also offers a variety of other treatments, including Behavioral Coaching that focuses more on the cat’s environment, as well as Flower Essence that helps re-balance the kit's psychological state of mind.

What this boils down to is a powerful meditation dedicated to your four-legged friend (so take out Jax Taylor and add your pet) which aims to heal a full range of challenges your cat may be facing (like anger issues). According to Balanced Cats, Reiki can also help speed the recovery after surgery, because optimal healing occurs when animals are in a deep relaxation. Unleashed recently caught up with Misa Ono to find out a little bit more about the process.

Unleashed: In what ways is Reiki for cats different or similar to a session for people?

Misa Ono: They are similar in that healing occurs with deep energetic connection, but animals don’t have filters (i.e., assumptions, expectations and skepticism) like humans might have about Reiki, so they react to Reiki in more direct way and you can see relaxation happening quicker.

How long does it typically take to see results after a cat starts the session?

It depends on the cat, but typically, it takes about 5-10 minutes into a session. I see variety of relaxation due to deeper energy shift. Initially, I can see a cat checking out my hands and energy field emanating. Then, the cat goes to her comfortable spot of her choice to sit down sideways, and start licking, grooming, yawning, and eventually, lying on the floor to rest/sleep, or coming to my lap to sit on and rest.

Do the cat owners stay in the room with you or do you prefer private time?

I always welcome the cat owners to sit with us quietly during the session.  I think their cat would appreciate that! I often use calm music as background.

For remote sessions, is it hard to feel energy when you are not physically in the room with the cat, or is Reiki at distance as effective as in person?

In a remote session, we set a time to offer Reiki to the cat. I send a client a short text message just before the session that I would start a session, and I meditate and start sending Reiki healing energy for 30 minutes. Then, I send a text message to a client to notify it has just ended. I may share any insights that I might have received during the session. I encourage cat owners to sit quietly during the session to observe the session, and even participate in creating even more effective healing space.

Some of the other ailments that Reiki helps animals with include:

  • Acute illnesses
  • Chronic illnesses
  • Skin conditions
  • Hyperactivity/high stress behaviors
  • Past abuse or abandonment
  • Depression
  • Poor appetite
  • Lethargy
  • End of life care

Although Ono has limited availability, she leaves her platform and online resources available for those who would like to learn more about these processes!

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