Meet the Real Shelter Dogs of the Northeast … And Then Go Adopt One!

Meet the Real Shelter Dogs of the Northeast … And Then Go Adopt One!

Help these dogs find forever homes and leave their “ruff” life behind!

By Stacy Lenz

There comes a time every March where a few things happen — daffodils begin to sprout through the soil, we Google what exactly “the Ides of March” means and we see an absolutely riveting trailer for the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of New York. And, while we must wait with baited breath to see why exactly the ladies were yelling while dressed like flappers, our apple-holding Housewives are still on our mind. And in the spirit of thinking of the Northeastern-most Housewives, we bring you today’s featured rescue — Ruff Dog Rescue Northeast.

Ruff Dog Rescue Northeast is a foster-based dog rescue headquartered in Pennsylvania with adoption services through the Northeast. Their all-volunteer team is dedicated to help as many dogs in high-risk situations as possible and place them into quality forever homes, with dogs saved from high intake pounds in Georgia and New York City, in addition to local owner-surrendered pooches.  In their own words, they turn “ruff” starts into new beginnings, and we are here for it!

And now meet your Real Shelter Dogs, complete with opening-credits worthy taglines!

“Life isn't all Kongs and squeak toys, but it should be!” - Daisy

Daisy is a four-year-old Boxer mix that has been in rescue for most of her life. She is one of the sweetest and silliest dogs that you will ever meet. Daisy loves her toys and loves to show them off to new visitors. She is great on the leash but might need to brush up on her house manners. She would do best in a home without cats and small children (just because she is a bit of a 'bull in a china shop').

“Walks and hikes are nice, but my happiness starts at home.” - Petey

Petey is a really cool two-year-old Boxer mix looking for a place to call home. He is a nice dog that would be great for an active owner with no young kids. He’s sweet but has a tendency to jump and little kids might be an easy target. Petey is relaxed in his crate and very easy to walk on the leash. He would be a great jogging buddy or hiking companion. If you are looking for an active (and mellow) canine companion, then Petey is the dog for you.

“You may say I’ve been around the block a few times, but that’s just ‘cause I love walks!” - Molly

Molly was adopted and then returned (through no fault of hers) and now is growing old in rescue. It's time for her to find a family that will give her the love she deserves. All she needs is a couch and place to lay her head. Molly loves kids and people of all ages but would love a home where she can be your 'one and only' four-legged. She is approximately eight years old and would make a great 'low-key' companion.

“I’m about to give you life, so give me a tennis ball!” - Duke

Duke is a four-year-old Lab mix who is well-mannered, gentle with kids, good with other dogs, and okay with cats! He arrived at the rescue heartworm-positive, but he has gone through treatment and is ready for his forever home. Interested in a good game of fetch? Then Duke may be just the dog for you. Currently, via a rescue partner in Georgia, Duke can be adopted in the Northeast.

“Put me in the spotlight and I shine, shine, shine.” - Blaze

Blaze is a five-year-old Staffy mix who lost his home and ended up in rescue. Blaze has an awesome foster home and he is doing great. Blaze would be best as an only dog, although he is non-reactive to dogs on the street and doesn’t go looking for trouble. Blaze is house- and crate-trained and has received some professional training.

“Everybody loves a comeback story, and my tale is ready to be told.” - Belle

Belle is a special girl who came into rescue when her family could no longer care for her. Belle is blind and deaf. Despite those obstacles, Belle (like so many dogs) enjoys the simple things in life — the sun on her face, a toy to chew on and dinnertime. Even with her special needs, we stay hopeful that there's the perfect home for her so she won’t spend the rest of her life in the rescue.

Please visit for more information about this organization or to adopt one of these sweet doggos or any of their friends!

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