What This Little Boy Did For His Teacher Will Make Your Week

What This Little Boy Did For His Teacher Will Make Your Week

Excuse us while we go sob in the bathroom.

By Brienne Walsh

They say empathy can be taught, but some people are just born with an abundance of it.

Callum, a young schoolboy in Glasgow, Scotland, is one such person.

When he found out that his teacher Mrs. Dunne’s beloved dog, Charlie, had passed away at 18 months old due to an inoperable brain tumor, he knew that he had to do something to make her feel better. In secret, he wrote her a note that included a poem in which he utilized the letters of Charlie’s name.

Even better, Callum began the note with an apology, in case his words made Mrs. Dunne even sadder.

“Sorry if you don’t like it or it makes you emotional,” he began on the first page before continuing with the below.

The note didn’t make Mrs. Dunne sadder. It moved her tremendously. She had been worried about telling her students about the passing of her dog because she was afraid that it would upset them too much. It turns out that their love was exactly what she needed to endure the loss. 

Mrs. Dunne shared the note with her daughter, Lucie, who then posted it on Twitter. Needless to say, it went viral, with over 28,000 Retweets, and 146,000 Likes. In a world full of sadness, who doesn’t need to be reminded that some people are just purely good? 

Charlie, who couldn’t breathe without an oxygen mask at the end of his life, is now at peace. We suspect that in heaven, he’s surrounded by Callums, who are rubbing his belly, giving him snacks, and telling him he’s the best boy in the world. 

For more photographs and videos of Charlie, see below.

Ma heart ma soul 💘 A real life sleeping angel

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Boxing Day walkies with a severely overweight dog. Diet starts in Jan x

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