Has Taylor Swift Moved on From Cats to ... Falcons?!

Has Taylor Swift Moved on From Cats to ... Falcons?!

It would seem that the singer has a newfound fascination with winged creatures. 

By Jenny Berg

Don't tell Taylor Swift's fluffy, purring friend Olivia, but it seems that the singer has a new love in the animal kingdom: Falcons. Quite the pivot — we know

On February 27, the "Look What You Made Me Do" singer devoted a whole afternoon to her newfound interest. Swift hit up the "Falcon Experience" at Ventana Big Sur in California, and spent 90 minutes immersed in a falconry class. What does such a class entail? According to a brochure, participants get to take in a flight demonstration, snap photos, and even have a meet-and-greet with the wild birds. 

But, if you think Swift booked a private outing, think again! Always open, apparently, to meeting fellow falcon fans, the singer apparently joined a group of unsuspecting tourists. A post on a Taylor Swift fan page showed the chanteuse posing with follow bird-lovers, as well as with the animals themselves. 

Hmm, could this be research for some new album artwork? After all, Swift has taken the snake theme to its natural limits.

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