Taylor Swift Caught Her Cat Olivia Stretching Out "For Her Choreo"

Taylor Swift Caught Her Cat Olivia Stretching Out "For Her Choreo"

You wouldn't want her to pull a paw, would you? 

By Jenny Berg

On the surface, Taylor Swift is a world-renowned pop star with fairy-tale-princess looks — and quite the roster of celebrity ex-boyfriends. But at her heart, the singer is a good, old-fashioned cat lady. And, anyone who follows Swift on Instagram knows that her fluffy friend Olivia is her one true love.

The overwhelming affection is such that Swift posts snap after snap of her beloved feline on any given day. But, when she catches Olivia doing something particularly adorable, Swift is even more prone to share the news with her legions of fans. 

So, it's a good thing the "Look What You Made Me Do" singer had her phone on hand when she walked in on Olivia stretching out like a Degas ballerina. Or, more accurately, like a Taylor Swift backup dancer.

With her kitty toes casually pointed in the air, and her leg stretched out straight, the impressively flexible cat took a moment to (presumably) tend to her hamstrings. "We're all stretching to prep for that tour choreo," Swift joked in the caption that accompanied the snap. 

We are all stretching to prep for that tour choreo.

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At least, we think that's a joke. But, knowing Swift, if there's any way she can get Olivia to dance onstage with her, she'll be all about it. And we think that would be the purr-fect addition to the singer's upcoming tour. 

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