The Golden Retriever Egg Challenge Is a Viral Sensation (So, of Course, We Try It)

The Golden Retriever Egg Challenge Is a Viral Sensation (So, of Course, We Try It)

What came first the Golden or the Egg?

By Stacy Lenz

There’s a new trend sweeping the country and it involves cleaning up egg yolk from carpets— but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. This viral craze started when a video was posted to Twitter showing Golden Retriever Sookie holding an egg in her mouth. After poster Haley Bowers’ aunt read online that Goldens’ mouths are so gentle they can hold an uncooked egg in their mouth without cracking it, she decided to try it with her dog.

The dog adorably holds the egg in her mouth and, after refusing to let it go for a minute, she drops it like the good girl she is — and something about the combination of the cute but nervous dog and party trick struck Internet gold.

Sookie is no stranger to Internet stardom or to fun party tricks. She has a Facebook page that shows her balancing different objects on her nose in exchange for a treat. But to do this trick you don’t need to be circus-dog levels of talented — any dog can do the Golden Retriver Egg Challenge, as it’s now being called. It originated with Goldens because they were bred to retrieve game shot while hunting so they have “soft mouths” so they don’t damage the murdered bird or whatever they are bringing back to the hunter.

And because of the very nature of the Internet, there has also been some outcry against the challenge. Buzzfeed spoke with the president of the Australian Veterinary Association who said it could be dangerous to let your dog do the challenge since eggs can carry salmonella, even on the outside of the egg and the shell could create a choking hazard for the dog.

I kept those warnings in mind when I decided to take the appropriate precautions before setting out to try this with my roommate/canine life partner, Jinx. I washed off the egg first to reduce salmonella risk and researched more about the challenge. Hounds were also bred to have “soft mouths” and since Jinx is part beagle I figured he was made for this role. (I also had emergency roast beef lunchmeat on hand as my equivalent of an emergency brake — pull out the meat and Jinx comes to a grinding halt and I have all his focus.)

So ever the intrepid reporter, I presented the star of the challenge, Jinx, an egg. After some investigative licking and cautiously eyeballing the egg, Jinx scooped it up in his little dog jaws and scurried off to the other room with his egg-prize. To my surprise and delight, he did not smash the egg on the carpet! Instead he held his little trophy softly in his mouth until I could coax it out (with the help of the aforementioned roast beef).

I wasn’t the only one who wanted to try this; there are loads of Good Dogs trying this all over social media. Some were more hilarious and less successful, but they are all super cute!

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