The Rescue + Freedom Project Saved 10 Bunnies From Human Drug Testing

The Rescue + Freedom Project Saved 10 Bunnies From Human Drug Testing

The rabbits were saved from a laboratory, and are currently up for adoption.

By Brienne Walsh

Rescuing ten rabbits from a laboratory sounds risky, and perhaps even covert. When the Rescue + Freedom Project (R+FP) — which has been saving animals from laboratories since 2010 — recently announced that they saved ten bunnies from Agoura Hills, California, where the animals were being used for human drug testing, we caught up with the organization's founder to learn more.

As it turns out, the rabbits are now living on a sanctuary, and once they are spayed and neutered, they will be up for adoption.

Shannon Keith, the founder of R+FP, says that the foundation actually has a great working relationship with the lab where the rabbits were being tested. “Many facilities kill the animals when the testing is over even though they do not have to,” Keith says.  “Although we want testing to end, we know it won’t happen overnight and by rescuing these rabbits that were used in human drug testing, we will be able to give them a happy life filled with love.”

Although the bunnies can’t talk, they let it be known with cuteness that they all need good homes.

Currently, the rabbits are living the life on the farm, where they are free from worry, and indulging in treats. “They love apples and cilantro - something they never got before,” Keith says. “They are having fun digging holes and playing.” 

The rabbits were in decent condition when they were brought to the sanctuary. “Typically, the labs will not release animals with visible injuries, so physically they look fine,” Keith says. “Psychologically it is another story. They had never been outside before we got them, or interacted with one another.”

Poor bunnies!! The good news is that most have adapted well to their new lives. Their behavior, Keith says, is much like that of puppies. There are two bunnies, however, whom are still very scared, and hide from people. We hope they go to the most gentle and loving homes.

To find out information about how to adopt the bunnies, click here. If you’d like to donate to help R+FP save other animals, you can visit their Facebook page

Credit: Beagle Freedom/Instagram

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