Guinness World Record-Breaking Cat Roommates Found Dead

Guinness World Record-Breaking Cat Roommates Found Dead

Cygnus Regulus Powers and Arcturus Aldebaran Powers tragically succumbed to smoke inhalation in a devastating home fire.

By Tamara Palmer

A pair of extraordinary, record-setting cats who lived together have tragically passed away. Cygnus Regulus Powers, who was recently named Guinness Book of World Records' Longest tail on domestic cat (living), and Arcturus Aldebaran Powers, who was just named Tallest domestic cat, succumbed to smoke inhalation in a November 12 fire at their house in Michigan and were just found during an excavation of the home, which burned to the ground.

Will Powers, the founder of Ferndale Cat Shelter who cared for the cats with his wife Lauren and was physically removed from the home while trying to find them amidst the blaze, posted about the grim discovery on Facebook and revealed that they have reason to believe that their two other missing cats might still be alive. They have lost their home and everything but the clothes on their backs.

Prior to the discovery, the Powers had offered a reward of $100,000 to be issued in Bitcoin, which Will had been saving up for years and was all he had to give, for their safe return, marking the largest cryptocurrency reward offered for missing pets to date. Now, a donation to the Ferndale Cat Shelter would be a kind gesture to consider for a giving family facing an unthinkable tragedy.

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