These 5 Zoos and Aquariums Are Posting the Best #Rateaspecies Tweets About Their Animals

These 5 Zoos and Aquariums Are Posting the Best #Rateaspecies Tweets About Their Animals

Warning zoo lovers: You're about to enter a serious review rabbit hole.

By Tamara Palmer

If you love people geeking out about animals in the same way that they would rate household products on Amazon, the new Twitter hashtag #rateaspecies is definitely for you. Many zoos, aquariums, zookeepers and animal lovers alike have taken to this new social media game, but these are the ones that should win the most awards for consistent wittiness:

1. Oregon Zoo

Oregon Zoo has emerged as a category leader in #rateaspecies, largely because of this owl and this baby ... platypus?

2. Woodland Park Zoo

But fellow Pacific Northwest zoo Woodland Park (in Seattle, WA) is gaining ground largely thanks to floofiness.

3. Monterey Bay Aquarium

Monterey Bay Aquarium in Northern California is also making a big splash thanks to a high/low combo of sophisticated audio references and everyday social media speak.

4. California Academy of Sciences

Monterey's aquatic neighbor to the north in San Francisco isn't scared to share when their animals aren't as expected.

5. Tennessee Aquarium

Ditto for the Tennessee Aquarium, which definitely looks like it's got at least one species that it shouldn't.

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