This Is Us Star Justin Hartley Has Passed on His Love for Animals Onto His Daughter

This Is Us Star Justin Hartley Has Passed on His Love for Animals Onto His Daughter

"We love animals. We love pets."

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It appears that loving animals is genetic. That seems to be the case for This Is Us star Justin Hartley and his daughter. Justin recently chatted with Unleashed about his work with Royal Canin in hopes of spreading the message about how to keep your pets safe this holiday season.

"It's actually kind of a perfect marriage," he said of the partnership with the brand. "What they do and what we love in our household — we love animals. We love pets, specifically dogs. But we love cats bunnies and everything. My daughter is dying to get a bunny and I had cats when I was a kid. And we just adopted these two older dogs. Well actually, the one gets a bad rep. She's not that old. Like Memphis is really old. Gracie's not that old. She's 6. But she gets a bad rep because everyone's like you adopted two elderly dogs and she's only 6, she's not elderly. Yeah, middle aged. She's like me. She's like her dad," he joked.

With the holiday season officially here, Justin had these tips. "The holidays come and they're overwhelming to a lot of people. It's a wonderful time of year, but it's busy and your mind is somewhere else and you're thinking about 'Did I get everyone the right gift? Who's coming in?' All kinds of stuff and the little guys sort of sometimes they get neglected," he said, noting even "good pet owners sort of go through this." And he also shared that pet owners should be mindful that not all human food is meant for pet consumption. And, he noted, pet parents should have a "back-up plan" in case your normal vet isn't around during the holiday season.

And it's pretty clear that Justin loves his furry pals, so we'll probably take his advice ourselves.

Getting these two cleaned up and then home for good. Welcome to the family Memphis and Gracie.

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My dog Memphis paying zero attention to the no peeing in the pool rule.

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Attacking the weekend like...

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