Use These Illustrations to Know Which Plants Are Toxic and Protect Your Pets

Use These Illustrations to Know Which Plants Are Toxic and Protect Your Pets

For the wellbeing of your furry friends, throw out those lilies ASAP.

By Stacy Lenz

Every time we look at a lifestyle blog, we wonder why isn’t our home painted a crisp white, peppered with tasteful pops of color and covered in lush green plants. It feels like we are just one trip to IKEA away from design perfection.

Before we start filling up that weird blue plastic bag IKEA makes you buy, we had to do some research first on what plants are safe to bring into our homes. Our furry friends mean everything to us and keeping them safe is a much bigger priority than making our living space exude Scandinavian design realness, although if we could do both, that’d be great.

After some research we realized that, with spring just around the corner, it seems as though our whole backyard is plotting to murder our dear dog friend but some precautions can be made, like raised garden beds or small lattice fences to protect a curious pet from ingesting something dangerous.

Luckily, our pup never nibbles plants outside, however indoor plants are another story — he investigates things very closely, sometimes with his mouth. Cats are also frequently inclined to nosh on houseplants, hence the existence of both cat grass and our friend’s Kerry long time feud with her succulent-destroying cat. As far as pets go, it almost seems as though if you plant it (in a cute pot on your windowsill), they will come (and try and eat it). As a result, when selecting some greenery for your home, for the safety of your pets, avoid the plants listed below and do additional research if there is any doubt about what you are bringing into your home.

Illustrations by Stacy Lenz.

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