Turns Out It's Totally Normal to Consider Your Pet to Be Your Valentine

Turns Out It's Totally Normal to Consider Your Pet to Be Your Valentine

Are you a super obsessed dog person for getting your dog a Valentine or you just a regular obsessed dog person? We have the stats to tell you the difference.

By Stacy Lenz

Have you ever had a conversation with someone where they said a totally insane thing and acted like this was a shared life experience for everyone? Like “You know how when you’re little and you have to teach your nanny that you never serve caviar with a metal spoon?” And the record scratches and you realize a huge chasm has opened up between you revealing that you are completely different types of people?

We admit we’ve been on that wrong side of chasm before and it’s always been because of our love for dogs. We’ve definitely said, “Oh, you know how sometimes you just bring your dog on a first date because you didn’t want him to be lonely at home?” as we’ve stared out of a rapidly growing chasm at an uncomfortable blank face.

Well, according to the people at Rover.com, the nation’s largest network for 5-star pet sitters and dog walkers, we are not alone! In fact, over 25% of people have brought their pet on a date. The Valentine dog facts don’t end there and they aren’t all as intense as us bringing our furbaby on dates to meet prospective step dog-dads.

While only 32% of pet parents surveyed consider their pet their Valentine, but regardless to official Valentine status, 87% of those same people are still planning to get their pet a Valentine gift, which makes us feel better as we have already have a squeaky pink bumble bee queued up to be murdered by a small beagle/terrier mix on V-Day.

The pet and relationship mixing doesn’t end with first dates either, 56% of people prefer to share the bed with their partner and their pet and if that doesn’t work out, well, 61% would end a relationship for their pet.

Thanks to Rover, we realize that clearly we’ve just been hanging out with the wrong people and our dog-loving soul mates are out there. Now if only they could make a survey to back us up on the time we said aloud to friends, “Don’t you wish you could text your dog?” Until then we’ll take solace in hugging our Valentine pupper and opening up a bottle of wine for us to share. (Just kidding, we're drinking the whole bottle ourselves.)

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