“Underdog” Philadelphia Eagles are Helping Literal Underdogs on Their Way to the Super Bowl

“Underdog” Philadelphia Eagles are Helping Literal Underdogs on Their Way to the Super Bowl

And somehow creepy rubber dog masks are involved.

By Stacy Lenz

You know that thing where grown men run around shirtless and screaming while wearing creepily realistic dog masks? And then, after all the police officers have spent the day rubbing literal Crisco on all street light poles, the same grown men try to climb them? And everyone is screaming and shooting off fireworks? Wait, no? Is that just us? Sometimes we forget that not everyone shares our hometown of Philadelphia and our, um, quirky sports-related traditions. But we are a passionate people and it goes beyond our tendency to boo Santa Claus and maybe throw some batteries and we have a story to prove it.

By now, everyone is probably familiar with the mayhem that descended upon Philly streets after the team earned its way to the Super Bowl and apparently there was some sort of Rocky road to get there. (We aren’t exactly that sporty so we don’t know exactly why but the least we could was squeeze a Philly pun in there!) The trials and tribulations that lead to their spot in the big game have earned the team underdog status, and while this is ultimately what led to all the creepy dog masks, it also opened the door to lend their underdog pride to helping real underdogs. The Pennsylvania SPCA reached out to Philadelphia Eagle Chris Long to retweet a post of sweet “underdog” Haze to his hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers helping to find her a forever home and raise awareness of shelter dogs. Chris obliged and he was able to enlighten his followers about the plight of dogs rescued from cruelty and neglect. 

Hopefully now that the team is headed to the Super Bowl there’s a chance for more underdogs like Haze to get help find their forever thanks to the magic of social media and it’s also chance for us to look at cute dogs dressed in football gear!

Game face. #flyeaglesfly

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Guess who’s in the Super Bowl!!! #FlyEaglesFly

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(What? We’re not completely biased.)

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