Vanderpump Dogs Has Saved *This Many* Dogs After Being Open Just One Year

Vanderpump Dogs Has Saved *This Many* Dogs After Being Open Just One Year

Lisa Vanderpump and the others at Vanderpump Dogs are working tirelessly to help dogs in need around the world.

By Morgan Ashley Parker
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Vanderpump Dogs: One Year Later

If there's one thing we learned after visiting Vanderpump Dogs, it's that this shelter is like no other. (TBH the velvet couches and chandeliers were nicer than what we have in our own homes and there were so many plush toys and treats.) It was also clear how thoughtfully the space was created and just how loved the pups are while they're in residence here 'til they find their forever homes.

The one thing we didn't know is just how many dogs have been saved by Lisa Vanderpump and this organization (from Yulin to pets found right nearby) — and it's no small number.

Unleashed caught up with Dr. John Sessa, the Executive Director of The Vanderpump Dog Foundation and he clued us in to the surprising number of forever homes found since March of 2017. See the shelter up close and learn the answer in the video above. (And watch for the unmissable moment where one pup decided he was more than ready for his close-up.)

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