L.A. May Make Animal Shelters Go Vegan Because ... Moby?

L.A. May Make Animal Shelters Go Vegan Because ... Moby?

This is not a punch line to an L.A. joke — it’s actual news.

By Stacy Lenz

Ah vegans, the least opinionated type of food consumer. We really don’t know much about veganism because they are known to be very secretive and not tell you about their dietary habits. WE KID. WE KID. But for all of the bad rap that vegans sometimes get, we will give them credit for being very passionate and caring, especially about animals and our planet. One specific group of caring and vocal vegans has issued a proposal to the Los Angeles City Board of Animal Services Commissioners to change the diet of the city’s 33,000 shelter dogs to be entirely plant based.

The group is composed of A-list vegans such as lawyer Lisa Bloom and the artist behind that Gwen Stefani song you liked in 10th grade, Moby, and they do have point. Switching the shelters’ meat based kibble to something vegan would be better for the environment and also just makes sense when you think about it. The push is being lead by Roger Wolfson, a television screenwriter who has written for Law & Order: SVU. Roger told the Guardian, “We are the department of animal services, not the department of animal companion services. So we need to start from a place of avoiding unnecessary killing of animals.” He went on to bring up the fact that the shelters rescue pigs, chickens and turkeys that they’d never think about harming so why should they condone the murder of the same animals as food. DUN DUN. (Okay, we added the trademark Law & Order sound at end ourselves, but we think it helps drive the point home.)

If you’ve ever seen your dog literally spit out a table scrap of a carrot to beg for the chicken on your plate, you may not be convinced yet. While your dog may try to persuade you that meat is best, dogs are actually adaptable to what they eat and considered omnivores. Despite all these facts, there are cons to switching the shelter dogs to an all-vegan diet too, namely diarrhea. Many people came to the commission to speak out again the switch to vegan dog food with concerns of how it will affect the shelter dogs’ digestive tracks. Vegan dogs are said to poop more. Another valid concern is that meatless dog food costs four times as much as what the city shelters are currently feeding the dogs.

The shelter dogs of Los Angeles can still wolf down their meaty kibble for now. In December, the commission voted in favor of a feasibility study to weigh the pros and cons of switching to all vegan dog food. The jury is still out until February when the results of the study are due and a final vote will follow. Until then we will do our own study comparing cute #vegandogs and cute #carnivoredogs on Instagram.

My happy, healthy, vegan dogs 🐩🐕💚

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