We Refuse to Believe Meghan Markle’s Dog Guy Was NOT the Toast of the Royal Wedding Reception!

We Refuse to Believe Meghan Markle’s Dog Guy Was NOT the Toast of the Royal Wedding Reception!

We can so picture her beagle stealing some royal apps at the Frogmore House afterparty!

By Stacy Lenz

The royal wedding is a gift that keeps on giving! Just when we thought we had mined out every ounce of information about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s nuptials, new details emerge to pull us back in. While some may still be mooning over Meghan Markle’s elegant dress or how Prince Harry’s eyes lit up when he first saw his bride-to-be, the new tidbit that has stolen our hearts is, of course, dog related — the rumor that Meghan’s beagle Guy was an important royal wedding guest!

Soon after the pics were out there, the Internet was a-flutter imaginging Guy waiting in the wings at St. George's Chapel. It seems possible (per this video) that the dog at least shared a car with the Queen at one point over the weekend, but there are still many naysayers about the whole thing. 

But, you know what? WE DON'T CARE. We don't care that it doesn't seem impossible to Photoshop in a lil furry face peeking out a car window. And we definitely don't want to imagine a world in which this pup was not invited to his mom's big day. Dogs are a common feature in weddings these days, either as ring bearer or costars in wedding photos, but nothing about this wedding was common, so why would Guy’s involvement be!? 

So here's how we are imagining the weekend went:

It started with his arrival. Prior to Saturday’s celebration, Guy was chauffeured to official royal wedding events in style with none other than Queen Elizabeth II at his side. Naturally, Guy truly comports himself like a regal beagle, calmly staring out the window as he traveled in the backseat. (Meanwhile, the ordinary beagles we know would be trying to stick their heads out a closed window, shedding all over Her Royal Highness and pulling at the constrains of dog seat belts. Meghan, please tell us your training secrets but we digress...)

Guy’s wedding involvement didn’t end there. He went back home with the Queen mum for a spot of tea with her remaining dogs. And, while we sadly did not see him trot down the aisle with a ring dangling from his collar (which we admit may have felt out of place), he was still the life of the party at the wedding reception!

This last part may actually be true (and not just our fantasy): According to one of the 200 guests in attendance at the wedding reception, Guy scampered around the event, mingling with guests and scarfing down dropped appetizers like a true beagle. While the rumor is unconfirmed, we hope it’s not just the tale of a guest that hit the open bar a little too hard. 

It makes sense that Guy would be an honored addition to royal life, as both Meghan and the Queen are huge dog lovers, and originally bonded over the topic at their first meeting. Meghan has been outspoken about her love for dogs, frequently discussing rescue dogs Guy and Labrador-Shepherd Bogart, the latter who was sadly too old to make the move to the UK. Some might say that the Royals have gone to the dogs, but we suggest changing the name of the castle to Barkingham Palace!

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