We Created More Dog Show Bingo for the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show … and This Time There’s Booze!

We Created More Dog Show Bingo for the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show … and This Time There’s Booze!

Because making bingo a drinking game is totally a thing, right?

By Stacy Lenz

The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is here and we are adding our own little twist to it! We know you’ll be watching the nonstop action of light clapping and gentle trotting in a circle, but we are here to make it spicy by providing you with bingo boards and adding a few drinking game rules.

So, if you’re salty about your favorite breed's performance and your night is on the rocks, at least your loss will be eased by a slight buzz. (We really want a jalapeño margarita right now, can you tell?)

Use the cards below to play Bingo like you normally would, marking off a square every time you see or hear its contents while watching the big show. Because this is also a drinking game, take a sip of your beverage every time you mark a square off.

There’s no way that anyone that loves Erika Jayne as much as we do could do anything without being a little extra, so we have provided the following advance rules:

  • Best in Show: Every player should call dibs on which dog they think will place Best in Show. If someone picks the winner, you owe them a drink!
  • Cheers to Fido!: If you are watching with a furry friend, cheers to them every time they stop what they are doing and start watching the screen along with you.
  • Urine for a change: If you see a dog go to the bathroom, the game switches from regular Bingo to Four Corners, where you only need to mark off the four corner squares to win. It’s highly unlikely, but you never know, sometimes territory just needs to be marked!
  • Lightning Round: If you are all dog-showed-out and ready to pack it in for the day, every time there is polite clapping, take a sip until your drink is done. (And then probably drink some water, you gotta stay hydrated.)

Enjoy! And have a spicy marg for us … or better yet a Painkiller for Mrs. Girardi! (Guys, it’s also a cocktail, not just the name of one of her greatest hits!)

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