Video: 10 Odd-Looking Dog Breeds That You'd Still Snuggle

Video: 10 Odd-Looking Dog Breeds That You'd Still Snuggle

How many of these breeds have you seen IRL?

By Morgan Ashley Parker

If you've been reading Unleashed over the last couple days (and we know you have!), you know we're deep in Westminster mode, from brushing up on our dog show facts to playing so much drinking game bingo. (Anyone else a little hungover?! Ugh.)

Even if you missed the first part of the big event, it's never too late to learn something new ... and there's never a bad time to look at pictures of puppers.

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder and we rounded up 10 dog breeds that we're calling odd-looking but only with the utmost affection. We're just as ready to snuggle the hairless dogs as we are the ones that have a full mane of dreadlocks.

These are not the dog breeds you'd spot every day at the local dog park — watch the video above to check them out and get some fun facts, too.

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