The Super-Rich Aren’t Dog People OR Cat People — A 3rd Animal Beat Them Both

The Super-Rich Aren’t Dog People OR Cat People — A 3rd Animal Beat Them Both

Dogs came in #2; cats came in #3.

By Kristyn Pomranz

So apparently there is a research firm called Wealth-X that studies “ultra-high net worth individuals,” a.k.a. people with $30 million or more to their names. (So, y’know, you and me, basically.) Recently, Wealth-X decided to survey their crazy-rich subjects to learn more about their interests (making money?), passions (owning islands?), and hobbies (collecting yachts?).

Animals weren’t at the tippy-top of the list (that was reserved for business, philanthropy, and sports), but they did manage to make the top 30.  And upon further investigation, Wealth-X was surprised to find that the millionaires didn’t identify as dog people or cat people — but horse people.

Okay, so maybe it’s not that surprising: horses are universally beloved but prohibitively expensive. (If they were adoptable for $60 and could live in our houses, we would probably all have horses.) But still, the percentage of equestrian enthusiasts was insanely high: 40% claimed horses as their favorite animal.

Coming in not too far behind were dogs, who got 33% of the vote. Meanwhile cats ranked at number three with a dismal percentage drop: Just 3.6%. (Fish came in fourth at 3.1%, with birds fifth at 0.9%).

These statistics jive with a previous survey by Mars Petcare which found that dog owners tend to have higher average incomes and are twice as likely to work in finance. On the flip side, cat owners are four times as likely to have creative jobs — which probably explains why there aren’t nearly as many rich people rallying for them.

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