Serious Question: Why Are Dogs So Into St. Patrick’s Day If It’s Not About Dead Snakes?

Serious Question: Why Are Dogs So Into St. Patrick’s Day If It’s Not About Dead Snakes?

It's not just the Irish Setters. It's all dogs.

By Kristyn Pomranz

For the first 14 years of our life, we definitely thought that St. Patrick’s Day was a holiday where we celebrated some dude named Patrick who played a magical lute and charmed all of Ireland’s snakes into a mass grave. Turns out, that’s all a myth and St. Patrick’s Day is really just a celebration of St. Patrick, the foremost patron saint of Ireland and apparent Guinness enthusiast.

That’s cool’n’all, but riddle us this: Why, then, are dogs so obsessed with St. Patrick’s Day? Listen, as animal lovers, we do NOT condone snake-ocide, but honestly, we assumed the dead snake lore was why dogs loved this Lucky Charms holiday—‘cause, y’know, DOGS HATE SNAKES. But apparently it’s all just a big ol’ coincidence and dogs simply love getting drunk and dying rivers green.

Aaanyway, the impetus doesn’t really matter. What’s truly important here is that St. Patrick’s Day is a major celebration for dogs, and as your primary purveyor of pooch pics, we’re bringing you this remarkable round-up of Puppers Partyin’ for St. Patty’s:

What kind of Boozy Shenanigans are you up to today 🍀

A post shared by Pele GoldenDoodle (@pele_dood) on

#Throwback to St. Patrick's Day last year when I really took things to the next level. 🍀🌈

A post shared by Yoshi and Monaco the Dogs 🐾 (@yoshithecavalier) on

Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's day. #dogsofinstagram #dalmatian #stpatricksdaydog

A post shared by Tara Kiskim (@thegirlwiththedalmatian) on

Happy St. Patrick's Day from Ms. Mulligan McTerrier!! 🍀💚☘🐾

A post shared by Your Dogs Day Out! 🐾 (@crateescapenaperville) on

Another one because #stpattysdaydogs are just too CUTE 🍀💚💚💚

A post shared by Animal Crackers Pet Rescue (@animalcrackersrescue) on

Handsome men of the house, Shadrach and Meshack

A post shared by Notta Bear Newfoundlands (@nottabearnewfoundlands) on

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