5 Reasons Why Your Dog Is the Best Companion to Binge Watch Television With

5 Reasons Why Your Dog Is the Best Companion to Binge Watch Television With

Who needs other humans?

By Brienne Walsh

Binge watching a great television show is one of the true great pleasures in life. Arguably, if the apocalypse ever arrived, it would be the no.1 thing survivors missed about civilization.

However, binge watching can also lead to long hours spent eating junk food alone on your couch, furthering your isolation from the rest of the world. Unless you have a partner to do it with. A canine partner, who along with sharing your (dog-friendly) snacks, can actually make binge watching a loving and social activity.

According to a survey released this week by Netflix, 71% of Americans find that their pets, not their humans, are the best partners for binge watching television. 

Below, we outline the five reasons why this is the case for #NationalPetDay.

1. Dogs can’t interrupt the show at pivotal moments with obvious questions.

When you meet someone, and fall in love, you can’t be certain that the person you’ve decided to partner with will be able to stay quiet while you are binge watching a television show. For example, the person may beloved by your friends and family, but always insists on asking questions like, “Wait, who is this guy?” or, “I’m not following, what’s going on?” at the exact moment a big reveal happens on a show. SO ANNOYING.

Your dog, on the other hand, can’t talk. So he or she can’t interrupt. And not interrupting is one of the crucial tenants of being a great binge-watching partner.

2. Dogs are great temperature control.

Feeling a little chilly, but, like, you can’t even with the getting up to get a blanket from the closet? No problem. Your dog is more than happy to lie on your lap, and make you feel warm and cuddly. All you have to do is call her over, and kiss her all over her face.

3. Dogs do not judge.

So you want to spend your entire weekend watching The Real Housewives of New York City from Season 1 onward. Who cares! Your dog won’t say things like, “Maybe instead of lying on the couch, we should be taking advantage of this nice weather.” Or, “We live in a city, and all we do is watch television, we might as well live somewhere cheaper.” No! Your dog is down to lie on the couch all weekend with you, getting belly rubs and sharing your snacks!

4. Your dog will prevent you from getting blood clots.

The one downside from going all in with binge watching is that if you don’t move for extended periods of time, you might get a blood clot in your legs. The good news is that your dog will EVENTUALLY need a walk, and when he does, you’ll get circulation moving in your body again.

5. Scary shows won’t be as scary with your best friend.

Too scared to watch American Horror Story or The Walking Dead because things that pop out unexpectedly when everything seems totally fine give you nightmares? We get it. But with your dog around, there’s no reason to be scared. First of all, you can hide your face in their fur during the scary moments. Furthermore, you can sleep soundly knowing that if a serial killer or zombie is coming after you, your dog will warn you by barking! So cue up that show everyone loves that you’ve been putting off because you’re terrified, and call it a weekend.

We hope you have fun with America’s favorite binge watching companion — your dog. And don’t forget to tag yourself with your pup in a photograph for #NationalPetDay.

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