Adorable Puppy Loves Shopping More Than You Do (We Promise!)

Adorable Puppy Loves Shopping More Than You Do (We Promise!)

So. Much. Joy.

By Morgan Ashley Parker

Now, we love shopping. Like capital L-O-V-E love shopping. Whether it's roaming the aisles aimlessly or checking off a long list, we're there to browse and browse (and probably buy). The only thing that would make our shopping addiction even greater ... would be if we had this adorable puppy for company.

Meet Zira the Corgi — according to her Instagram profile, she's actually a Pembroke Welsh Corgi mix (with Miniature Australian Shepherd) who lives in Monterey, California. After scrolling through so many photos, the one thing that's clear (other than her being a super cute doggo), is that she shares our shopping addiction.

Let's back up to when we first spotted her pics on Twitter where she showed EXTREME JOY to be at her "happy place" Target (which is all of us, tbh).

But, as we learned from a subsequent Instagram post, she later learned that non-service animals are not allowed in the store and posted this: "PUPDATE: Please be aware that Target stores are Service Animal Friendly only! We didn’t know Target wasn’t pet-friendly. See our newer posts for an apology and how we’re spreading awareness about service dog safety and pet-friendly stores."

This puppy's shopping habit could not be stopped so she went on the move again and what better spot to hit up next other than Petsmart?! It does have pets in the name after all: "Who would’ve known Petsmart is just as much fun as Target?!? And I’m super welcomed here! Petsmart is a pet friendly environment, and unlike Target, I’m not putting any service animals at risk! Now time to go buy some treats!"

Now, it looks like she's found yet another pet-friendly spot as she captioned her most recent shopping cart pic "HOME DEPOT! Look at all of this lumber! WAIT. Are you finally building me my dream doggy mansion?!? #petfriendlystore Reminder: Stores policies can change from state to state. Always call ahead and check to make sure your pup is safe to go with you."

We're following this pup now and ready to see where she shops next! Can you imagine meeting her up for a Supermarket Sweep?!

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