10 Times the Millea Brothers Were Flawless

See the 10 times expert appraisers Michael and Matt Millea were priceless in our book. 

Whether divvying up diamonds or appraising precious crystal, Mark and Michael Millea always shine bright. Maybe it’s their flowing hair? Their amazing sense of humor? Those eyes...We digress. Whatever it is, these two are only made better by the below assessment of their awesomeness. Assess on your own, but we're pretty sure you'll find the same conclusion: the Millea Brothers are priceless. 

1. When they wore turtlenecks like a boss.

2. When they clearly loved one another.

3. When they wore cowboy hats.

4. When they were the cutest dads ever.

5. Like, the cutest.

6. When Michael posed with this puppy.

7. When Mark won Halloween.

8. When Michael won Halloween.

9. When Mark was super excited to be on vacation.

10. And finally, when they literally were their job.

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