Untying the Knot: Mickey And Toya's Assets Breakdown

Untying the Knot: Mickey And Toya's Assets Breakdown

Peruse the contested items and get the rundown of who got what in the end - and how much they got it for! 

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Last night on Untying the Knot, Mickey and Toya Wright had a pretty revealing mediation - eight day hall pass anyone? Between cameras used for "naked ladies" photos, three pretty sweet cars, and several diamond studded pieces of jewlery, we can see why this was no easy negotiation. But who got what in the end? See our run down of the contested items and find out much the really were worth. Sorry Mickey - those rings weren't as baller as you thought...the Milleas say so! 


1. The Engagement, Wedding and Anniversary Rings

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Purchase Ring Collection Price: $104,000

Appraised Value: $41,500

Judgement: Toya 

2. G-Wagon Mercedes Benz

Purchase Price: $95,000

Appraised Value: $90,000

Judgement: Toya 

3. BMW X4

Purchase Price: $60,000

Appraised Value: $42,000

Judgement: Mickey 

4. Jeep Wrangler

Purchase Price: $60,000 - $70,000

Appraised Value: $26,000

Judgement: Mickey

5. Watch Collection

Purchase Price: $150,000

Appraised Value: $51,800

Judgement: Mickey

6. Camera

Purchase Price: $10,000

Appraised Value: $8,500

Judgement: Mickey

Credit: $3,000 to Toya

Now that you know who walked away with what, don't forget to tune into Untying the Knot Wednesdays at 10/9c. 

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