Ep 4: This Little Piggy When to Mediation

Ep 4: This Little Piggy When to Mediation

Season 2 |
Aired: January 4, 2016

After 25 years of sharing everything, Andre realized there was one thing Keith would never share: a desire to be a dad. With so much history, they need Vikki to untangle their knots and help them go their separate ways. When it comes to their marital assets, they don’t want anything to go to market, including their potbelly pig named Priscilla, a vintage silverware collection, an impressionist painting, two voodoo altars, and their marital home and business headquarters. When Keith walks out of mediation, Vikki has to be creative if she’s going get them to agree to her recommendations. Meanwhile, Meg wants to marry the man of her dreams, but Vikki needs to convince her client to wake up and answer some important questions before she walks down the aisle.

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