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Stassi Schroeder

Stassi: It's Hard to Watch

Stassi talks about Peter and Vail's date and the demise of her friendship with Katie.

Stassi Feels Bad for Kristen

Stassi is proud of Katie for sticking up for herself with Tom -- and can't hate Kristen even if she tried.

Stassi on Her Sin in Lisa's Eyes

Stassi talks about apologizing to Lisa, overstaying her welcome at Tom and Katie's, and Scheana's birthday.

Stassi: Jax Is Just a Moron

Stassi dishes on Jax's narcissism, why she exploded on Katie at her birthday dinner, and Kristen's ultimatum.

Stassi: I'm Not the Bad Guy

Stassi explains that being honest to Jax and Scheana doesn't make her a terrible person.