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Stassi Schroeder Visited a Witch to Rid Herself of Her “Demons” — Here’s Why It’s Not As Weird As It Sounds

Whether or not you believe in the paranormal, experimenting with different forms of therapy may be a good strategy if traditional methods aren't working (especially if you're one of the Witches of WeHo on Vanderpump Rules).

By Marni Eth
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On last week’s episode of Vanderpump Rules, Stassi Schroeder was still reeling from her fight in Mexico with boyfriend Beau Clark, so Katie Maloney-Schwartz took Stassi to a professional witch for help (ironically, a literal witch of WeHo). Stassi explained on the Vanderpump Rules After Show (clip above) that drinking too much is like a switch that turns on and unleashes a “demon” from inside of her.

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Beau and Stassi affectionately refer to this side of her as her “dark passenger,” which causes her to unfairly project her abandonment and trust issues onto him. Stassi explained on the show that she wanted “to be exorcised,” and that’s pretty much what happened. Forget Interview With A Vampire, Personal Space had an interview with the witch herself, Amanda Garcia Yates, aka The Oracle of Los Angeles, to learn more!

Why visit a witch?

According to Garcia, the most common reasons people come to her for help is what you might expect: For “love issues, career issues, health issues, and to help them identify the sacred purpose of their lives.” Garcia explained that “anything that you want to accomplish, magic can help.”

But before you get too excited, she noted, “It’s important to remember that even witches have to obey the laws of physics.” Using magic can “improve our odds, but it doesn’t erase” them.

How does it work?

“Magic is a means to focus your energy, and clear the way for helpful synchronicity to occur. Witchcraft is at its most effective when you use it as a tool for personal and collective empowerment, and to help you fall in love with your life," Garcia explained.

Basically, it’s another way of working through issues and seems similar to other forms of therapy that steer you onto a more positive path. In fact, Garcia said, “Healing and magic are part of the same practice.” But unlike therapy, this “kind of healing doesn’t just work emotionally, it also works spiritually.” Talk about a two-for-one special!

Behind the scenes of Stassi’s ceremony

Garcia explained that the ceremony shown on Vanderpump Rules was about “transforming demons into allies.” Another way to think of “demons” is as “exiled forms of spirit” that may be “exiled parts of ourselves.” During her ceremony with Stassi, Garcia explained the “Dark Passenger” was really a spirit that Stassi pulled in to protect herself from the partners who didn't treat her right

Now Stassi no longer needs the protection, so it was time to set it free. Stassi called that session, “one of the most emotionally draining experiences of her whole life,” but afterward she felt like the dark spirit had passed.

One-session wonder or weekly event?

Stassi described feeling better after her ceremony, but that outcome also depends on the circumstances, which determine how long it takes for this practice to work. Garcia explained, “It’s unrealistic to expect that if you have a problem that has been haunting you all of your life… that you can fix that in an hour. Transformation takes time, patience, persistence, and follow-through.”

That said, it is possible to have a major breakthrough after one ceremony, and it’s also common to have follow-up sessions as well.

Reasons to try it

“Witchcraft is a pleasure and a blessing... using magic, ritual, and ceremony as a means of transformation is beautiful and fun,” Garcia elaborated. Since more traditional forms of therapy to eradicate inner “demons” may feel daunting, perhaps a smart way to go is to add a practice that can “enchant your life.”

Examples of the enriching aspects that Garcia encourages to do outside the session as well include, “lighting incense, chanting, creating altars,” and giving offerings to the spirits, which is less like homework and more like “rewarding practices.” Maybe Stassi is on to something…

Becoming a Basic Witch

If you're wondering how Garcia became a witch, she got it from her mama… literally. Garcia explained her mother was a witch and she learned from her —“She gave me a tarot deck for my initiation ceremony when I was 13 years old.”

Garcia truly believes that “witchcraft has something to offer everyone that it is interested in it. Witchcraft helps you remember that you are powerful, that the earth is sacred, and that our purpose here is to create a more loving and beautiful world.” Looking for more? Garcia has a book coming out called Initiated: Memoir of a Witch.

Stassi Schroeder Gets Rid of Her Demons
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