Why Raya Is the Fight Club of Dating Apps

Why Raya Is the Fight Club of Dating Apps

The number one rule about Raya is you don't talk about Raya.

By Molly Socha
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It's easily one of the most exclusive dating apps on the market, partly because no one is really sure what criteria one has to meet to join. But, if you ask Vanderpump Rules pal and comedian Rachael O'Brien, it may be easier to get on than you think. She stopped by Bravo's The Daily Dish podcast to talk about her experience with being one of the Raya chosen ones and the one thing that she knows will quickly get your membership revoked.

Rachael explained that her BFF Stassi Schroeder was kicked off of the app when she committed Raya's cardinal sin: Don't talk about Raya.

"They don't like you to talk about it; that's one of the things," O'Brien explained to Dish host Megan Segura. "[Stassi] went on a podcast and mentioned the name of one person that was on there, because you're not supposed to say who's on there, and somehow they found out and kicked her off."

While the app may or may not include an NDA for swiping left and right, Rachael isn't completely sure the Raya club is as exclusive as everyone believes it to be. 

"You don't necessarily have to be somebody," O'Brien said of the app which is known to be the app of choice for many single A-listers. O'Brien recalls going on a date with a man she met on the app who "didn't have a bedroom." 
"He basically lived in a living room with a sheet," she recalled of the restaurant server who worked as a model/actor on the side.

"I have no idea what their criteria is at this point," O'Brien said on the podcast. "Because it's like anywhere from like a celebrity to a photographer or just a web developer or something." 

While the selection formula may be unclear, O'Brien assures Raya-hopefuls that everyone has a shot.

"If I can get on, you can get on."

Find out how things are progressing with Rachael O'Brien and her current boyfriend, whom she met on the mysterious dating app, by listening to the full podcast episode above.

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