Stassi Beat a Horse That Was Already Dead

Stassi Beat a Horse That Was Already Dead

Jax explains his "un-game," why he wasn't revenge dating, and if he really is a sex addict.

When I think about how Stassi was acting at this point, she was being so hypocritical. She was telling me to move on and all this stuff, yet she was mad about the girl I hooked up with before Pride. I didn't throw it in her face. Katie found out that I had a "guy night" and she brought it up on the float. I want to get it straight, I didn't just go "Oh, hey look what I did I hooked up with this girl." I wouldn't do something like that. I'm just honest, and I'm not gonna lie about what happened.

It wasn't "revenge dating," as Lisa called it. I was just so over chasing after Stassi. I was depressed all the time. For you to tell me what kind fun I can have. . . I’m not going to let one girl run my life. So I just said to Ben and Dave, "Let's do a guy’s night out. Go have some fun and let everything loose." I didn’t even date this ballerina girl. I just went out to a bar, had some fun, met some girls there, something happened, whatever.

I did go on a date with Paige though. We actually met her at SUR. She came in and she was with another girlfriend of mine. They came in for drinks one night and we just got to talking at the bar. We actually went out a couple of times. The whole situation was fun, but it didn't really work out with her. I think at that time I was reaching for something that wasn't really there. Maybe the Paige situation could have been a little of the revenge dating. Maybe not revenge, more like "I think I should have a girlfriend, let me get one." I just wanted to be with somebody. I was just like "Oh, I’ll just pick her."

I don’t have any game. I'm terrible going to bars and picking up girls. I get so embarrassed when other people do it, and I'm around it all the time being at SUR. It's absolutely ridiculous. I just don't have that mentality to go up to a girl, so I just kind of let my friends do it. Then I'll walk in and kind of chime in on the conversation or let the girl come to me. That's usually how it works with me. Not to sound cocky or anything, that's just always the way it's worked with me.

When Stassi told me she was ready to quit the restaurant because of me, I was just hurt. She was beating a horse that was already dead. I really thought she was just making it more than it really is. Basically it was just heartbreaking. We had been through a three-year relationship and a year of me trying to make things work. And then we get to a point where she has to quit her job because she thinks I'm bothering her? I'm not the type of person that bothers people. Then I realized that that’s not what I wanted. The last thing I wanted was for her quit because I wouldn’t leave her alone. I mean, did it really come to that? 

I went to therapy because the last time helped me out a lot. I was reaching for some kind of answers, and I was not really getting any progress with talking to my friends. My therapist really does a great job. After I see her, things are a little bit easier. She’s really amazing and ended up being a great resource for me. She hears me out and I could be totally honest with her.

As far as me being a sex addict, I feel like there is some basis there. Do I have a problem with it? Right now, it's under control. Do I think about it more than I should? Probably, yes. Do I like it? Absolutely. If you’re looking for an answer whether yes or no do I have a problem. . .probably yes. I feel like it’s not taking over my life, but it’s definitely an issue.

I think she was 100 percent right that I shouldn't have been dating then. But I just didn’t want to hear that. Being on my own was probably the best thing for me at the time. My thing is that I was really co-dependent. For years, I was jumping from girlfriend-to-girlfriend and being on my own was probably the best advice she gave me.


I heard the rumors that started popping out because Katie got drunk and she started running her mouth at Peter's birthday. At that time I was expecting Katie to talk out of her ass because that’s what she does all the time. She gets wasted and then tears people down.


I just wish Kristen would let the Tom/Ariana rumors go. She was on and on-and-on about it. I’m pulling her aside and I’m saying, “Kristen, let it go. Let it go. If it did happen, fine. You’re no angel.”

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