Katie: Kristen Has No Shame

Katie: Kristen Has No Shame

Katie is appalled by Kristen's betrayal and lies and thinks Tom is delusional for sticking by his girlfriend's side.

Preparing for any photo shoot is a daunting experience. I hate dieting so I have to up the work out. I had discovered Shape House LA and thought it was an amazing way to help shed some water weight. I knew Stassi would love it because she just needed to lay there and watch TV. She is really more of an indoor low endurance kind of girl.

For this shoot I really needed to add in some meditation in order to deal with all the drama floating around. It wasn't as bad as I had anticipated. I think it was most awkward for Tom, but he did a good job of holding it together.

They way I see it is, I am only getting older and one day my looks will fade and my body will be unrecognizable from today, so why not do a risqué little shoot. I was with my closest friends and with world renowned photographers. It seemed a better time than ever! I knew if Lisa saw she would be upset, and of course she had to walk in right in the midst of it! Luckily, she didn’t hold it against us.

Lisa and Stassi telling Tom to face the truth was necessary. I think they both approached it in very supportive manner. Tom was caught up in his own doubts and in the semantics of the truth, trying to rule out any possibility that the rumor could be true. But the proof was in the pudding. The unearthing of this revelation was earth-shattering for everyone, especially Tom, and I suppose he needed to take his time, but he also needed to face the harsh truth.

At this point, I had accepted the fact that Tom and Kristen were never going to break up and they were just going to continue torturing each other for eternity. If Tom was going to not only believe Kristen but also have her back, then they are so far from reality that no one could help them.


Moving onto the engagement party, I admire Scheana's confidence to get up in front of a group and perform her own music. It was a very fun and energetic performance from her! I think it was the only fun part of the evening.

I have so many emotions and not so many words regarding Kristen and her betrayal and lies. She has no shame. It’s not normal for someone to be capable of such disgusting acts and have no shame. She treats it like a tragedy, but has no accountability. Once we discovered the truth, it sickened me to recall the behavior and lies Kristen displayed. It’s extremely disturbing to learn that someone you consider a sister is capable of hurting the people she cares about most, swears that she didn't on her niece and nephew’s grave and then demands apologies for even thinking she would do such things. I was completely appalled by her every word and move.

My jaw hit the floor when Stassi told me that Kristen had finally admitted to sleeping with Jax. I thought she would just deny it till her tits fell off. I was shocked, but let’s face it, she had nothing left to lose besides Tom and he clearly wasn’t going anywhere. Kristen’s confession was soaked in self-pity tears and completely lacked true shame for the mess she had made. Tom staying by Kristen’s side after the truth came out was delusional!! I have no idea why he wouldn’t break up with her and continued to defend her because, unlike these two, I think like a normal person.


Jax and Kristen should maybe consider a future together. Their behavior is just creepy. Jax was void of any human emotion. I have never in my life seen someone react that way. I really felt sorry for Tom, he was severely struggling and his oldest friend couldn’t even be decent enough to apologize.

I had a feeling that the night would eventually get physical, especially with the way Jax was acting. It’s really out of character for Tom, but he had given Jax so much opportunity to explain himself. I think that would drive anyone mad.


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