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Lisa's Gotta Have That Pop

Lisa discusses Kristen and Tom's fight, Jax and Stassi's surprising love story, and her hatred of screw tops.

By Lisa Vanderpump


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Oh goodness, another week has gone by! You see a little more of the mechanics of a restaurant, the choosing of the wines, the huge flower displays.  It is an endless task, but one which I adore.

Scheana, I felt, was giving the others more ammunition against her and that is why I told her to snap out of it.  However I do feel nobody has really understood the gravity of her tooth surgery. She had many operations, bone grafting, and an infection. It was pretty traumatic, and she never really had the support from the others, which was upsetting.

This episode I loved. I felt the dynamic that has existed between the six of them was absolutely what I had always seen prior to the show: the complexities, the humor, and the roller coaster relationships that seem to take a turn when you least expect it.

Firstly, yes, their altercations at work, of course, I am often involved in. But for the most part they behave themselves in the restaurant. I say that in response to your many comments on the blogs, I have many other servers there who are not a part of this show, so please rest assured if you come to SUR you won't be in the middle of a b---- fest!

I love Stassi's family. They make no apologies for who they are. Her father last week with his Baileys in his pocket, her mother who is so outspoken, and her brother with Jax was a rare moment that I found so entertaining. His perception when trying to educate Jax in the way to treat a lady was television gold. . .


I have sympathy for Tom, I probably shouldn't after his Vegas stint, but he just wants the support of his partner on what was a big weekend for him. Kristen was emotionally detached and rightly so, until she saw him perform, but that's not life is it? You can't base your relationship on the few minutes of pride you feel when he is on stage! This path they are on becomes even bumpier. . .just keep watching.

As usual Stassi is sucked back in by Jax who always endeavors to fight for what he can't have; gently trying to cajole her back into what was a pretty dysfunctional relationship.  Their is a love between the two that I think surprises even them sometimes.

Anyway until next week, I hope you have a good one.

Love always, Lisa.

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