Stassi on Burlesque and Gay Pride

Stassi explains how she felt about Jax's cancer scare, those pasties, and the entire pride parade debacle.

The burlesque performance was just something that Katie and I were asked to do for fun. Years ago, we used to take burlesque classes as a hobby. I don’t pretend to be this amazing dancer; this was just a fun lighthearted birthday surprise. The real dancers were absolutely incredible. I have a lot of respect for that talent. I felt honored that they would let us be little accessories to them! Of course I was a little nervous, but this wasn’t something that was supposed to be taken seriously. It was just plain fun.

Oh goodness, those pasties were not going to be going anywhere near my body. The only person who's going to see me in pasties is my boyfriend. And let’s be real, I have natural boobs. Unfortunately they aren’t so perky, so those pasties probably wouldn't look that great!

I wasn't surprised at all that Kristen called after our blow-up at the restaurant. The argument wasn’t earth-shattering, so I didn’t expect it to go on any longer. I just wanted her to look as gorgeous and put-together as possible for her passport photo!

Jax lies about everything, and I think it is disgusting to take something like cancer so lightly. 


On his sweater line -- so because someone wears sweaters, that makes that person a sweater designer? I have teeth, but that doesn't make me an expert on dentistry. It’s just all so ridiculous.

I was frustrated when Lisa told me to give Jax a break because again, Jax is a liar. He manipulated Lisa into feeling bad for him and that made me look like the bad guy. I always end up looking like the bad guy, because he manipulates people into feeling sorry for him.
I was mortified when Jax showed Lisa his tattoo at the Pride staff meeting. I wish I could rip that tattoo off of his arm.

I should let Ken pick out my clothes more often! What a fun costume for pride that was! Loved the sparkle, and the headpiece was just a dream. I definitely had zero complaints being the champagne queen for the day, and I thought the “fallen angels” theme was such a great creative job out of Lisa.

The Team A and Team B thing really wasn't meant to be taken so seriously. We all clown on each other at SUR, it’s all fun and games. I was just making light of the fact that we were all a little divided.

To be honest, there is no song in the world I want to hear 44 times on repeat. It wasn't the most ideal situation! I like Scheana's new song, I think it’s catchy and spunky.

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