Stassi on Jax: "We are Better Off as Friends"

Stassi on Jax: "We are Better Off as Friends"

Stassi shares her feelings on the kiss with Jax.

People have to realize that this wasn't the first time we were hearing Tom and Kristen argue. During this time, it was a constant. It was every single day, and because we are all around each other so much, it becomes a part of all the rest of our lives. It was really frustrating me when Tom kept repeating that Kristen just "nags" and fights with him nonstop. Obviously, I feel very strongly about situations like this. I was cheated on, and so many people just viewed me as this miserable nagging person, but I was living everyday with that heartache. I was going everyday feeling hopeless and down about myself and in turn that made me act out. That is exactly what I saw in Kristen. Kristen isn't fighting with him, nagging him, or badgering him about his guitar. It's about the fact that he cheated, and she's carrying that with her every day. I really wanted to try and help Tom understand that, because then maybe he could realize "OK, this is just how she is dealing with the hurt and the pain of being cheated on." At this point, Kristen either needs to break up with Tom and spend some time getting to know herself outside of the relationship, or if she needs to be with him, then they both need to work together and be patient with Kristen's healing.

I find it really hard to articulate what I was feeling about Jax’s tattoo then, because it was all very confusing. After the initial shock and selfish excitement of seeing my own name on someone's arm (yes, I know that's a very selfish thing to say), I felt vindicated a little bit. I have been through years of hurt with Jax, and to me, him getting that tattoo was saying, "I was wrong, Stassi, you were right." I think any girl who has ever been cheated on can understand feeling a sense of satisfaction from seeing your ex realize he made a huge mistake when he hurt you. As far as telling my mom, I didn't want to tell her because it makes it look like we were something more than it was. I was Jax's friend. Yes he had wanted to get back together, but that's not what I wanted and the tattoo made it look like we were a couple. And that was NOT the case.

My mom doesn't and will never like Jax. People forget that it wasn't just the cheating that ruined us. We had a very unhealthy relationship for years, and unfortunately my mom witnessed a LOT of it. I was just hoping she could accept him as my friend, because he is friends with all of my friends and that complicated things. I couldn't tell him he had to stay home when it was his best friend's show. But I was very proud of everything my mom had to say to him. DYING! I've never laughed so hard in my life watching my brother’s talk with Jax. Where did he get all of this wisdom? It was so sweet to see him so protective of me.


Honestly, it was just really nice to be getting along and having everyone together at Lake Arrowhead. If you can even call that awkward moment with Jax a kiss, it honestly just felt friendly. We were getting along, I appreciated the effort he made apologizing to my family and I felt like, "What the hell! I can at least give him a little peck!" But we both felt awkward. I think it was a moment we both realized that we are better off as friends.
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