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13 Eyebrow Raising Gifs From #PumpRules

Relive Jax Taylor's nose job and Stassi's OK Magazine party shade in GIF form.

By Kim Moreau

We open this episode with a declaration from Jax. He is finally ready to move on. 

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From his nose. . .Jax is ready to move on from his nose. What did you think this was about a girl?

Speaking of girls, the boys have decided that there's nothing feminine about having your eyebrow game on point (it's called "expression management" for those in the know). So it's time for a little maintenance. 


Tom Sandoval explains what we've all known for so long. . .that sometimes beauty is just natural. 


Just kidding, in his own words -- the man spends a lot of time working to look like he didn't work at all. 

Meanwhile this next GIF could be useful for so many situations. . .


In this specific reference, it's useful for describing SUR's incredible goat cheese balls.

Does Ariana like the goat cheese balls?


We don't really know, that face was in reference to Kristen's tearful exchanging of goods with Tom in last week's episode. 

When Stassi thinks of that situation, she doesn't have much to say. . .


Meanwhile, Jax strips down for surgery. He's got to get into those scrubs and into a future with a better nose.


This wink is a nod to the immenent perfection that will be his face.


Stassi has her own thoughts about the nose job. . .


And about hanging out with the whole gang at the OK Magazine party.


Jax won't make it to the shindig, because he has to focus on his new life with a new face.


But even with him missing from the guest list. Stassi still has some doubts.


Tell us how you really feel Stassi!


Ah, that honesty is so refreshing.
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