Ariana Takes the Positivity Express

Ariana Takes the Positivity Express

Ariana won't listen to the under-the-breath comments of some people and only wants to have the best time in Miami.

Miami! My home state! My humidity comfort zone! My brother is here! Scheana's getting married!

I was equal parts excited and anxious about this trip. I have really bad anxiety that only becomes worse in groups of people. I knew that this trip would have a lot of drinking (not my thing), bars and clubs (not my thing), and dramatics (definitely not my thing!).

However, I would do just about anything to ensure that Scheana has the best bachelorette party imaginable. My idea of fun might be a little bit different, but I wanted to have fun nonetheless. I was so excited for the boat ride because we would get to go to the beach, be near the water, and be the silly ---holes I know we all are. Side note: Recognize that telling someone who born and raised on these very beaches to "fall into the ocean" is more of a welcome suggestion than an insult. We all acted like teenagers who just had their very first beers. In other words, we acted like complete fools (in the best way possible). We danced in the rain and truly had the best time.

Extended: A Boat Full of Miami Awesomeness


It was the one excursion my brother wasn't able to attend! He's such a cool little dude. He surprised me AGAIN by meeting us in Miami. He's 22 now and I still imagine him as this cute 10-year-old who calls me "Sisi" and wants me to watch him play baseball in the front yard. I love him so much and I'm so glad he was able to come on this trip because he had already become close with Tom, Schwartz, and Jax on their trip to Miami earlier in the year (take note) and Scheana and Shay had also gotten close with him when he was in LA for my birthday. You could say this trip was a family affair.

Don't think for a moment that I didn't notice the shade thrown my way from LAX onward. Newsflash: I'm a bridesmaid in this wedding. My presence is welcome, desired, and required. Dirty looks, weaseling me out of group conversations, and comments made under-the -reath are creepy and weird and nobody is having it.

Well, that was an annoying little diversion. Time to get back on the Positivity Express.

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