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Ariana: Welcome to Adulthood Kristen

Ariana wants Kristen to realize her actions have consequences and defends Tom's messy apartment.

By Ariana Madix

I would love nothing more than to spend my blog talking about all the cute and funny things I saw this week. Examples include the Toms at the gym, going to the batting cages, Mean Girls references. Instead, I feel as though I have to address the wave of negativity that that never fails to peak on Monday nights.

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In regards to the staff meeting, to say Lisa has it out for anyone is a bullshit excuse that preys upon the naiveté of people who don't know better. When James inexplicably showed up at SUR, I was fortunate enough to be on my break and witness the Peter smack down. Just sipping my tea, minding my own business, and getting quite the show.


I have the most to say on the following subject, because I feel as though it is often the most misunderstood. I am in a beautiful relationship that now has a shadow of doubt cast upon it to all those who don't know any better due to one person's quest for unjustified revenge and destruction. Hearing the things people have been saying about the man I know and love makes me absolutely sick to my stomach. Ignorance is rampant in this world and no amount of education I attempt to provide can control negative attitudes and hate in people's hearts.

Kristen is talking about how she wants to Muay Thai us in the face and moments later doesn't hate us and doesn't want to be hated. Well, I'm sorry, but I don't think the world works that way. To be clear, this isn't about Jax. The hits just keep on coming with this girl. Boo f---ing hoo. Welcome to adulthood, Kristen, where your actions have consequences, regardless of how much you cry, how many fits you throw, or how many people you try to drag down in the process. It's irresponsible to give her a platform. What is it going to take to be left alone? What is so hard about living one's own life?If ten people in a room who all have very different perspectives on life all agree on that, maybe those people are right. So let's play a sappy song and try to create some empathy for someone who is not only unstable but completely and totally malicious and vindictive.

Side note: In case anyone is wondering why I'm just sitting in the corner, I know it looks like I'm listening, but I'm actually pretty busy doing something else. My heart breaks for you, but could you cry your crocodile tears outside so I can get back to this Buzzfeed quiz I'm doing on my phone? It's "What Mario Kart Character Are You?" and I want it to be an accurate result (I got Donkey Kong, by the way).


This "justification" saying she was right about Tom and I all along is so way off base and makes sense only in her own mind. Oh, wait, already clarified that one many times previously but I guess she is still using the "repeat things" method of making them true. Damn, she should get paid for that since she does it so much. Maybe a fear-mongering reporter job at Fox News is for you?

I feel compelled to address Tom's apartment. I have my own apartment on the other side of town. So why, in God's name, would I come over to Tom's apartment and clean it or nag him about doing it? Not my apartment, not my problem. I clean my own messes. Not to mention the fact that Tom was in the process of completely gutting his place to redo it to his tastes and not Kristen's painfully embarrassing basic ass sh-- that was in there. There were seriously things with quotes on them or things that said "love" spelled out in faux wrought iron. I'm not kidding even for a second. So that whole "taking her place" thing would mean I would have to start posting inspirational quotes, slamming doors, sleeping with half of SUR, and overall just being a total lunatic. Better get to work then.

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