GIFs: James Get Fired, Selfies Get Taken

GIFs: James Get Fired, Selfies Get Taken

The GIFs you need of Lisa laying down the law, Tom trying out makeup, and more.

We start this episode with a challenge -- what car are you using to take your #selfie in front of?


But Scheana Marie has no time for such sort of philosophical, Instagram-related questions.


Unfortunately, no one listens to her, and thinks at her birthday party once again devolved into an all out brawl. And so she was forced to do what any good host should -- start kicking people out.


Tom, for his part, regrets some of his behavior during the fight (see his epic apology video here), but maintains that James had it coming. 


Lisa has some feelings of her own about the whole thing. . .


The day after the fight Tom was having some feelings. . .


But he wasn't feeling too bad about how he looked -- mainly because he gave himself a few touch ups before heading out of the house.


Jax just wants James to go. . .


Thing he's also done with -- his tattoo, so it's off to the parlor for an update and some eyebrow raising.


And then back to the bar to make the drinks.


But Tom's biggest regret about the whole fight --


No matter what Tom Sandoval did, there was no getting past Lisa. 


While she might not have the powerful ways of Miss Vanderpump, Stassi does have some things going for her -- namely a boyfriend who was satisfying her every need.


Speaking of complicated, Jax went to Tom for some advice about what to do with his dual girlfriend situation. Tom's advice: lose one of the girlfriends.


In an also awkward sitdown on the other side of town, Lisa was questioning Tom Schwartz about this involvement in the fight at Scheana's birthday. 


After one set of truth was unveiled, Jax went to tell the truth to Carmen.


That's right he gave her "it's not you, it's me." But perhaps Jax didn't properly get his point across. 


Eh, wonderful it's not. 

Speaking of un-wonderful, Kristen and Tom were in deep trouble at work.


And James, well he was in the deepest trouble of all. 



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