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Katie: I Felt Gutted

Katie explains how she felt when Tom told her the truth. . .and who she really believes.

By Katie Maloney

Watch Katie's video blog here. Or read our transcript below.

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Hi. I'm Katie Maloney and this is my video blog. I definitely do Tom’s hair when he has a casting. He wanted to look extra pizzazy I think he said. So, yeah, I do my boyfriend’s hair from time-to-time.


It was actually really nice having Stassi in my corner and going hard on Schwartz about why he was defending Jax. I know I had been doing that non stop myself. My boyfriend really shouldn't have been defending him.


Kristen revealing all this information to stassi made me feel really nervous. First of all, she didn't know any of it to be true and going to Stassi, who is my best friend, and telling her thatI'm in a sh--ty relationship and I'm as much of a cheater as she is -- it was just a really disgusting thing to watch.


Jax and Kristen, they've been in cahoots before lying about something. So I don't really know who's telling the truth and who is lying. I think they are both lying at this point.


At the time, I didn't necessarily believe what Scheana said was true. However, she was the first person that didn't lie about saying something or try to take back something that she said. She owned whatever she said, regardless of whether it was true.


Watching that scene [with Tom admitting cheating] was really hard. I was so gutted. I had really felt that it was complete bullsh--. I really felt that Tom would never do anything like that. To find out that one of the rumors was actually true just threw me into a tailspin. I remember questioning about my relationship and everything I thought I knew about Tom.


Stassi and Kristina they both are like really good girlfriends. I remember feeling lost, confused, upset and questioning so much. Their opinions I value so much. Girls' nights -- they serve their purpose.


It made me feel really good to see Tom that way with Jax. I've never seen him that way with Jax. I've never seen him confront Jax or confront anyone really for that matter -- and defned me and defend our realtionship. Something I've asked him to do for so long. It felt really good, espeically at that time because if there was going to be any time for him to do it, that was the best time. 


I'm Katie Maloney and thank you for watching my video blog.


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