Katie Wasn't Letting Jax and Kristen Ruin Miami

Katie Wasn't Letting Jax and Kristen Ruin Miami

Katie explains why she expected the worst in Miami, and why it's not Vail's fault about the phone thing.

I was really looking forward to the Miami trip! Of course, I had some concerns and fears of the worst. There was still plenty of lingering drama between several people going, myself included. However, this trip was about Scheana and shay and celebrating them! I was optimistic that everyone could get on that page and not be selfish. Let's face it I really wasn't looking forward to a trip with both Jax and Kristen but I had come so far with my process of letting go and not letting petty grudges get the best of me. I was confident that it wouldn't get to me. Besides there are plenty of people I love going on this trip. I'm not going to let two people ruin it.

I wasn't trying per se to call Jax out about Tiffany not being in Miami as a result of the San Diego boys trip. With that said though, I wasn't going to let him get away with anymore bullsh--- though. If I'm going to hang around Jax I'm going to make it clear that I'm not going to let him think he can say or do whatever he wants without consequence.

The day out on the boat was so much fun! Everyone let lose and danced and the rain actually made it that much more fun! If this was any indication of how the rest of trip was going to go then we were going to have the time of our lives.

Extended: A Boat Full of Miami Awesomeness

That night may have proved otherwise. Watching the boys at the dinner had me nervous. Everyone was supposed to be putting their differences aside for these few days, but I guess that doesn't mean we are safe from a little drama. I guess it was bound that some grudges would surface such as the Jax and Tom's issues of rumors and indiscretions.


When Vail went through Kristen's phone I wanted to sink under the table and hide. Vail is new to this group so it's fair that she doesn't realize that her going through Kristen's phone could be detrimental. I also don't think she realized how ugly it's been between some people there with us and being so casual about bringing these issues up. I guess if she is going to figure it out at some point it may as well be now. I just knew I had to brace myself for what could potentially come!


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