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Lisa: Kristen Got What She Wanted Out of That Dinner

Lisa wants Jax to know there's a difference between  brutal honesty and being honestly brutal.

By Lisa Vanderpump

How does Lisa Vanderpump really feel about what goes in (and outside) of her restaurant SUR? Each week Lisa is telling you how she really feels about the SURvers antics in her video blog. How does she feel about their infighting, hookups, drama, and backstabbing? Watch below to see -- or scroll down to read a full transcription of her thoughts.

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Lisa's Vlog: I Want to Shake James

Hello, I’m Lisa Vanderpump. Sorry I’ve got a bit of a cold, but welcome to my video blog.
I need Jax to understand that honesty is a great thing, but there is a difference between brutal honesty and being honestly brutal.
I don’t think there is much more that I enjoy with this cast of characters than giving Jax a hard time. Because I think I’m the only one that really gets to him.
I kind of want to shake James. I know the answer, and I see this young boy that’s really kind of making mistakes at the moment. He’s almost like Kristen’s punching bag--well I mean he has been literally--and I want to shake him, but I can’t get involved. He has to make his own mistakes.
Oh my god these puppies. If you can adopt a dog, contact Lucky Puppy, everybody. They just bring so much joy to your life. I just think they’re all so cute and the little guy with one eye and his tongue hanging, I’m not talking about Jax.
Oh. I don’t want to think about a little tiny
Kristen is amazing, really. She got everything she wanted out of that dinner. She got Jax to admit what she wanted to hear, and somehow at the end, it still feels to me like she ends up losing.
I’m Lisa Vanderpump. Thank you for watching my video blog, and I will see you soon.

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