Our Producer Got Hit With a Sandwich in Miami

Our Producer Got Hit With a Sandwich in Miami

Which SURver clocked her with a sandwich, and what nude stories can she share from the bachelor party.

By Erin Foye

Doesn't everyone wish they were in Miami? As the cast wakes up, we see what kind of trouble they got into the night before. The boys and the gals split up that night: the girls danced the night away at a club called Baoli, and the boys got down and dirty at Club Madonna, a popular all-nude gentlemen's club. But fear not! The girls were not to be outdone. Scheana was generously handing out lap dances and French kisses. (That checklist was no match for her!) Check out a few behind-the-scenes photos.

Now to the boys. . .a bachelor party wouldn't be complete without the groom sliding down a pole, autographing a stripper's butt, or making it rain for the dancers on the platform. The boys mission was to cover Shay in body glitter and musk. Looks like the succeeded. Watch an exclusive scene of their night out here.

Unseen Footage: The SUR Boys Hit the Strip Club

After the strip club the boys crashed the girls' night. Then after the club, the party raged on up on the roof deck at the hotel. Did Vail flirt more with Jax? Yes. Did Jax pass out in a tub? Yes. Did everyone sing Backstreet Boys songs? Of course. But then the sun came up and everyone hit the pool on the roof to nurse their hangovers. Jax had a cheeseburger (his favorite) and the cast just drank more hair of the dog. We had Shay give us a recap of his crazy, crazy night.

Weather alert! the clouds rolled in and the pool party was interrupted by another flash rainstorm. 

The gang took a quick nap and then was off for another night of craziness. Jax and Tom's old modeling coach John showed up, Ariana and Tom wore matching outfits (again!), Vail tried to find out all the dirt and Tom Sandoval cried some manly, manly tears. 

A fun story from that night out: Katie somehow got hold of a McChicken sandwich while at the club Rec Room. This McDonald's delicacy stayed firmly in her death grip for most of the night. Check out an exclusive pic of Katie and her love.

Oh yeah, and Katie may have ever so gently slapped me in the FACE with the McChicken while I was standing up on a couch trying to get a group photo. NO BIG DEAL. Ask her, she will tell you the truth.

When they all got back to the hotel that night the party wasn't over. Most of the gang went skinny-dipping on the beach! Ariana posted a picture of everyone venturing down to the sand. Unfortunately what happens late night on the beaches of Miami stays on the beaches of Miami.

#warning #pumprules #scheanashaybachpartay

A photo posted by 🍔 Ariana Madix 🍔 (@ariana252525) on

The next morning was rough for everyone. Lots of days and nights of drinking really take a toll on you. Something you didn't know is that it was also Jax's birthday! Yeah the big guy is a year older. See him waking up and having a birthday chat with my camera phone.

After everyone got all packed up, it was time to go. 

I will let Tom take us out with another Sandoval original entitled, appropriately enough, "The Hangover Song."

Tom Sandoval's Hungover Song

Say it ain't so, but our time is done for now. See you next week for another tasty episode of #PumpRules

#FoyeCrew OUT.

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