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Our Producer Had a Front-Row Seat to the Miami Girl Show

Get a behind-the-scenes look at one of the most explosive #PumpRules moments.

By Erin Foye

Um, yeah, this episode was insane!

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What would you do if an Annemarie showed up at your job? I mean I would probably need to take a walk around the block, too! There really aren’t many places to hide at SUR besides the bathrooms. If you suddenly find you need to escape, Uber- X is really the way to go.

When Scheana got wind of what went down, it was NOT okay. You see the aftermath. True story: the bouncer Ali working the front of SUR that day didn’t know what to do. Do you kick out Kristen? Do you not kick out Kristen? It was all kind of a whirlwind. What you can only sort of make out in the background is the crowd of people outside of SUR that had a front row seat to the screaming match. I do need to also give a shout-out to Diana the manager. She really runs SUR like a pro, and this was just a crazy day when a hurricane from Miami blew into town.

Kristen Loses It on Her Manager

Rachael was being a good friend and supporting Kristen during this showdown. Let’s take a minute to check out some pics of Rachael and Kristen through the years.

Who said work can’t also be fun? Check out Schwartz striking some poses at his modeling gig. Maybe Schwartz doesn’t need his bartending gig after all. If you look hard, America, you can see him in commercials and print ads across the country. Check out a sneak peak of the picture from the photo shoot and a live action video of Schwartz nailing the poses.

OK, back to the SUR shouting match heard ‘round the world. Tom and Ariana had to come back to work. Kristen and Rachael were long gone, but the sneaky Annemarie came back inside. Was she hiding in the bushes out front? The dumpster out back? As hard as Annemarie tried, she just could not force a rift between Tom and Ariana.

Lisa was just a little bit mad about all this. And by a little bit mad, I mean she was hot as the heat of a thousand suns. You don’t mess around when it comes to her place of business. This is not Kristen’s first offense. Lisa has a file stacked high with Kristen violations. Could this be the straw that has finally broken the camel’s back? The good news is that Sandoval got to keep his job! Check out Tom shakin’ it.

Scheana shook off her issues with Kristen to lay down some vocals on “Shake That.” Kristin just sat there pouting in silence while Shay F Kennedy had a blast producing the rest of the track. Check out a behind-the-scenes extra of Kirsten chilling outside, getting some air. Things are just starting to heat up.

If that episode didn’t wet your whistle for more #pumprules, I just… I mean… I don’t know what to say. But good news! There will be MORE Vanderpump Rules next week. As always, let’s end our blog time on a positive note. Here is Schwartz moonwalking us out.

Have a fabulous week! Bye.

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