Our Producer Talks Tom's Big Crush

Our Producer Talks Tom's Big Crush

Bravo Producer Erin Foye shares the 'Zoolander' references and fashion choices that went into this week's episode.

By Erin Foye

What a crazy night! Scheana ends up in the hospital until 6 am and T Sandy makes an epic apology video.


Only real men cry, right? Yup, there's the entire version of Sandoval’s apology video. It was a perfect cocktail of booze and Vanderpump drama. #Yikes.

You can also see Jax give his recap of the big bust-up here.

After all that Jax went to get some girl advice from Sandoval. Before they had their man chat, they were hanging on the porch -- and having a little fun at the expense of Jax's face. Tom and Jax, being male models themselves, constantly let Derek Zoolander references fly. Watch as he slips one in here.

Good ol Schwartzy has an intense meet and greet with Lisa Vanderpump. Check out Tom's thoughts after his sit down with Lisa below.


Here are some additional fun facts about this meeting: Schwartz has a big crush on Lisa, but is also pretty scared of Lisa at the same time -- which makes him into the certain ball of nerves that Lisa so delicately notices. Also Schwartz is wearing Jax's shoes during this encounter. Please note that the boys and girls of Vanderpump Rules share clothes, jewelry, makeup, etc. with each other all the time. If you pay close attention sometimes you can tell.

I hope you have enjoyed the inside scoop of Episode 2, however I have to listen to my girl Lisa when she tells me. . ."We're Done!"


Stay classy my Pumptinis until next week. Foye signing off. #foyecrew @efoye

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