The 12 Best Reactions to Kristen Getting Fired

The 12 Best Reactions to Kristen Getting Fired

The moment many of the SURvers have been waiting for has finally arrived. Here are some GIFs of our favorite reactions to the news.

Whether you were hoping for it or not, it finally happened: Lisa finally fired Kristen from SUR.


At first there was shock among the SUR staff.

Scheana was at a lost for words.

Then there were high-fives and slow claps.

And finally, there was dancing. A lot of dancing...

From Katie's subtle fist pump.

To Scheana's twerking.


We don't even know what to call what Tom's doing.

Ariana took this opportunity to show her singing skills, composing a song about the whole experience.

Jax even had some parting words for Kristen.

Maybe the SUR staff is celebrating too soon, because if we've learned anything, Kristen is not one to back down.

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