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Tom Definitely Regrets That Apology Video

Tom explains what led him to tape the video for Scheana, his makeup preferences, and why he hates getting scolded.

By Tom Sandoval


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Full transcript after the jump.

Hello. I'm Tom Sandoval. Welcome to my video blog.

Scheana -- I still think that girl needs to wear bubble wrap -- especially on her birthday.

After I got home that night I was just like. . .I emotionally broke down. I definitely regret it. Watching it, I know my family's going to see this.

For stuff like that [his face injuries], that's really noticeable and you need a lot of coverage, I use MAC concealer. MAC is known for its theatrical makeup so it's really thick. It goes on really heavy. I left my facial hair long, what little patchy facial hair I can grow. Basically, you can tell that i'm wearing makeup because there's a break in where my freckles are. I had to go back and kind of put concealer on all over my face.

It's so funny to me watching Jax go in and get a tattoo. He just tells the guy like "Yeah. Whatever. I trust your judgement." I don't trust anybody's judgement when it comes to clothes or anything -- let alone a tattoo that's going to be on my body for the rest of my life.

Watching that scene with Schwartz and Lisa. I love seeing them two together. It's funny. There's just always this undertone of "what if"? What if?

[Laughing at Jax's break-up] He's just like [Laughing]. He gets up and says "Alright, how much do I owe you for this pizza?" He's like "I don't feel guilty. I don't feel guilty at all." That's Jax's thing. He just blindsides these girls sometimes.

I can understand why Lisa is upset, but I will say, there's nothing worse than getting scolded like that in a large group.

I'm Tom Sandoval, and thank you for watching my video blog.

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