Lisa: I'm Proud of the Way Katie Stood up to Stassi

Lisa: I'm Proud of the Way Katie Stood up to Stassi

Lisa Vanderpump weighs in on Stassi's apology, Katie and Tom's relationship and more!

Hello, this is my video blog. I'm Lisa Vanderpump and welcome.

This little kid is so cute! In fact, he reminds me a little bit like a baby version of Peter.

Sarah must have a bound book of people that'd be better at babysitting than these three, surely.

I see a glimpse of sincerity when you see Stassi's reaction because she's taken off guard by the arrival of Katie. I think Katie's plan was ultimately a good one. It's not one that I recommended, but I think, actually, she was right with her tactic.

I'm proud of the way Katie stood up to Stassi. She held her ground, but she kept her heart opened.

I think she forgave her, that's good. The hug, uhhh, I don't know. I would've held out a little longer for that one.

I don't quite understand the relationship between James and his mother, and it's not for me to criticize, but I am surprised at it.  There's an old adage that says, "You can tell the way a man's going to treat you, by the way that he treats his mother." And I see very little respect there.

I love Katie and Schwartz, make no mistake about that, they're two wonderful people that are very close to my heart, and, ultimately, I want their relationship to really flourish.

Katie and Schwartz are actually having a productive conversation. You take the tequila out of the mix, and there you have it, they're making headway.

A year ago, this would've ended up in name calling and Schwartzy on the couch. There's hope for these two, I think they're actually finally growing up.

I'm Lisa Vanderpump, thank you for watching my video blog.

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