Lisa: James Is Definitely Not Completely Over Kristen

Lisa: James Is Definitely Not Completely Over Kristen

Lisa Vanderpump opens up about James Kennedy's drinking, Tom and Tom's failed business plan, and much more!

Hi, I'm Lisa Vanderpump. Welcome to my video blog.

See if you can fit your new business venture into all your birthday plans and trips, I mean we wouldn't want to get in your way.

It's like watching two jackasses trying to plan a heist. I just couldn't take these guys seriously for a second. I was sitting there in front of my daughter who worked her ass off, watching these two clowns and it was just bloody hysterical.

James has told me a little bit about the problems that his parents have been having. Seeing the vulnerability in James really makes my heart go out to him, he deep down is a really good kid and I can see that he's struggling with this right now.

I don't want to defend James' actions, but I think it's a lot of the reason why he's been drinking so much and he's been kind of spiraling out of control.

I don't think Kristen is fit for dog ownership. Get a dog? That's the solution to a problem? You get a dog because you want to help them, not because you need them to help you. Anyway, she's got a dog...his name is Jax.

You can see that James is definitely not completely over Kristen otherwise why would it provoke such an emotional reaction in him? He's got this attitude if I don't, but I definitely more importantly don't want Jax to have her.

That's actually very unusual to see any kind of dissension in Tom and Ariana's relationship really, so this was quite a surprise over something so trivial.

I like to see all the staff pitching in. I mean we've done our part, but I do feel the staff is doing their part too.

We had a lovely time and we continue to be involved with Covenant House. These kids were truly loveable and really entertaining.

Well, I'm Lisa Vanderpump and I thank you again for watching my video blog.

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